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Thigh Lift

Thigh lift is carried out both in order to eliminate the aesthetic concerns of the patient and to ensure a more comfortable life.

Loosing extensive weight or bariatric surgery can cause skin sagging and loosening of the thigh-upper leg area.

In such cases, patients may enter into the need for leg aesthetics.

With such a complaint, the skin quality and excess fat are examined.

Thigh lift (upper leg stretching) is more appropriate, especially if the patient has a sagging problem in the thigh.

Depending on the physician’s preference, liposuction can also be added to this intervention.

Thigh lift is carried out under general anesthesia and lasts approximately about 1-2 hours and the patient is hospitalized for 1-2 nights.

The incision may vary depending on the stretching process.

Thigh lift can be performed either with horizontal, vertical or T-shaped incisions hidden in the groin.

This surgery can be performed in some patients by combining with other tensioning and restoring procedures. In those cases, planning plays extreme importance.

It is of absolute important to stay away from intensive activities for 1-2 weeks and to pay utmost attention to personal hygiene.

In general, the use of a one-month garment is sufficient.

Please be careful that this procedure must be handled by Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon and shall you keep in mind to ask for Certification.