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Stem Cell Applications

Stem cells have become more popular in recent years. In fact, it is the isolation and reapplication of our progenitor cells, which are already present in our body, without further differentiation. The aim is to trigger the transformation into the desired cell by differentiating in the area we apply.

Stem cells can be isolated in several ways: from bone marrow or from our own adipose tissue. Bone marrow is a numerically rich source of stem cells but is impractical. Since one’s own oil is richer than stem cells and it is not difficult to obtain, it is our preferred area in practice. 30-50 cc of fat is taken from the abdominal area with cannulae and under local anesthesia-sedation without pain and sent to the laboratory. It is delivered to us as a very rich liquid from about 5 cc stem cells in about 50 minutes.

We can perform the application in any area. Often, facial rejuvenation, hair enrichment, joint (jaw joint, hip joint, knee joint, finger joints, etc.) are used to improve joint health.

Stem cell isolation can be performed by several methods in the laboratory. Basically we can distinguish between enzymatic and non-enzymatic methods.

In general, permanence is over one year and a good advantage is that there is no need for frequent application.